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Fluorescence Microscopy resources:

Find information on your favorite Fluorescent protein here:
- FPbase

Optogenetics resources (mostly focussed on optogenetic control of proteins)

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Other useful resources:

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A movie of microtubules and actin in a human cell, that I recorded when I was a postdoc in the Wittmann lab at UCSF, won the 3rd place at the ASCB GFP-25 Imaging Contest in Dec 2019 (which was organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of GFP as a fluorescent marker in cell biology). The video was highlighted on the NIH director's blog!

And here are some other links to videos I submitted to microscopy video contests:
Nikon Small World in Motion Video Contest 2018 (Honorable Mention)

Nikon Small World in Motion Video Contest 2017 (Honorable Mention)
Also featured in this incredibly beautiful video from "the Guardian"

UCSF Sci-Resolution 2015

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